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Tiree Recognized in Canada's Top 100 Infrastructure Projects of 2024

In a remarkable display of growth and development, Canada’s infrastructure sector has hit an unprecedented milestone. The collective value of ReNew Canada’s Top 100 public infrastructure projects has soared to $292 billion, marking a nearly $20 billion increase from the previous year.

Reflecting our involvement in seven key projects that are shaping the nation’s infrastructure landscape, Tiree is proud to receive Bronze recognition in Renew Canada’s 2024 list of the Top 100 Projects in Canada. Our team of seasoned experts have been providing a full spectrum of advisory and project management services on some of Canada’s most iconic and complex projects highlighting not only our commitment to advancing infrastructure but our dedication to improving the built environment for generations to come.

Featured projects that Tiree is supporting include:

  • Centre Block Rehabilitation: A landmark restoration project that is revitalizing the Centre Block on Parliament Hill, balancing the important heritage features of this iconic building while incorporating modern advancements to ensure its functionality for future generations.
  • Energy Services Acquisition Program’s Energy Service Modernization: Leading the charge in energy efficiency, focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting renewable energy in government facilities, setting a benchmark for future energy projects in Canada.
  • Place du Portage III Renewal: Transforming government workspaces and public areas to create a more sustainable, accessible and collaborative environment aligning with contemporary workplace standards and public service needs.
  • West Memorial Building Rehabilitation: Merging history with modern needs, this project involves the careful restoration of the West Memorial Building in Ottawa while adapting it for current and future use ensuring it meets accessibility and sustainability standards.
  • Ottawa LRT – Stage 2: Expanding the capital’s public transit network to enhance the city’s connectivity while reducing its carbon footprint.
  • Giant Mine Remediation Project: Tackling environmental challenges, this project addresses the toxic legacy of arsenic trioxide stored underground – a crucial step towards protecting the environment and public health.
  • Faro Mine Remediation Project: Setting new standards in sustainable land use, this project involves the remediation of one of Canada’s largest abandoned mines with the intent to mitigate environmental risks, restore land quality, and ensure the protection of surrounding ecosystems and water resources.

Each year, Renew Canada publishes its Top 100 Project report, showcasing the largest infrastructure endeavors underway nationwide. Explore the full list on Renew Canada’s Top 100 website.