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Building for the Future.

Forward thinking, imagining change, and a strong commitment to sustainable solutions.

We take great pride in aligning ourselves with clients who are ambitious. Clients who are leading iconic and complex infrastructure projects across the globe. Projects that will positively impact our communities, that reflect world-class innovations, interventions, and transformations, and that are capable of enjoyment for generations to come.

Our clients come to us for our innovative solutions, tailored approach, and endless enthusiasm in tackling those challenges. They come to us for our dedicated delivery, seamlessly integrating our team to fuel the collaboration essential for project success. They come to us because we are unwilling to settle for anything other than extraordinary.

Real Property Advisory Services

A roadmap to navigate a way forward.

Responsive analyses, strategies, and communications that define and align business goals with real property solutions.

Real property assets are essential contributors to the fabric of our environment and serve a wide range of critical functions that support people, employment, education, transportation, and industry. The myriad of building typologies brings an assortment of unique challenges. The first step in finding a responsive solution is to truly understand the challenge, analyze all viable options, and seek validation and approval on a way forward. Our team of experts brings forward sound solutions that create certainty and consensus.

Our team provides leadership and expertise to help clients identify and leverage opportunities to manage real property assets more responsively, effectively, and sustainably. Our advisory team understands the critical importance of ensuring our clients’ investment decisions are backed by a clear vision, analysis, and validation.

Complex program and projects often present challenges and risks. We meet the unique needs of our clients by asking the right questions and providing solutions that reduce costs, manage risk, and signal value. It doesn’t matter what stage your project is at. Our services and solutions span the lifecycle of any real property asset. From initial planning, policies, and approvals, right through to construction, operations, and occupancy, our team creates roadmaps for success.

Our broad range of Real Property Advisory Services include:

  • Portfolio and Investment Planning
  • Project Leadership
  • Project Approvals
  • Transaction and Financial Advisory (AFD/P3)
  • Asset Performance Management
  • Risk and Change Management

Project Management Services

Purposeful planning, management, and control from the very beginning to the very end.

Establishing a responsive delivery framework that fosters collaboration, accountability, and delivers results.

Our team understands that all projects have unique requirements, challenges, and desired outcomes; complex construction and infrastructure projects are certainly no exception. We recognize the importance of stakeholder engagement, and a clearly defined scope of work. We understand the need to balance project requirements against pre-established cost and scheduling parameters, and we appreciate the impact that emerging technologies and change can have on project progress. Managing project activities and risks throughout the initiation, planning, implementation, monitoring, and closing stages of a program or project is a critical part of what we do.

Our Project Management practice is dedicated to providing project leadership and support on public and private sector real estate and construction projects. Our experience covers projects that range in size, scope, and complexity. We have provided solutions on complex building and infrastructure projects, multifaceted technology integrations, heritage restorations and international high-security initiatives.

With a project management methodology that builds on industry best practices and the principles of the PMI we have created a comprehensive and rigorous project delivery process – one that can be tailored to each project for maximum efficiency.

Our broad range of Project Management Services include:

  • Project Leadership
  • Project Controls
  • Design and Change Management
  • Project Delivery & Construction Advisory
  • Security and Technology Integration

300 +

dedicated professionals

20 +

years of business experience

$ 50 B

in quality construction delivered

Program and Project Experience

A full range of project typologies, worldwide.


Bridges, dams, roadways, parks, transitways, and complex systems. Connecting communities and supporting economic growth and development.

Health & Science

Research buildings, laboratories, and healthcare facilities. Innovative and state-of-the-art solutions positioning Canada at the forefront of science and discovery.

Energy, Greening & Sustainability

Infrastructure and asset upgrades, new developments, and application of best practice sustainability standards. Bringing responsible innovation and change in support of our environment and communities.

High Security

Specialized and technical interventions that strengthen, secure, and protect people, spaces, and buildings.

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Iconic and monumental buildings representative of place, past and culture. Rehabilitation, restoration, conservation, and modern interventions that preserve our connection to history, and ready these assets for future generations to use.


Training facilities, universities, colleges, and secondary schools. Building spaces to support advanced learning and development.


Embassies, consulates, chanceries, and new developments. Building global partnerships and reputation.

Headquarters and Office Accommodations

New developments, renovations and fit-ups. Accommodations that support emerging trends and the future of work. Comprehensive planning, design, and implementation, including furniture, fixtures, equipment, and relocation management.

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