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Library and Archives Canada

Gatineau, Canada

Planning and building to help preserve Canadian heritage.

Library and Archives Canada (LAC) is mandated to preserve the documentary heritage of Canada. In 2015 LAC was granted Treasury Board approval for the construction of Gatineau 2, a new 13,000 m2 Preservation and Access Facility being built immediately adjacent to LAC’s existing Preservation Centre. The project is being constructed using a Public-Private Partnership model. Upon completion in 2022, it will enhance the accessibility and long-term preservation of Canada’s documentary heritage and will be the first Government of Canada facility constructed to the net zero carbon standard.

Exterior shot of the Library and Archives Canada Building on a sunny day

Through a multi-year contract, Tiree supported LAC on an ongoing basis in providing a range of portfolio and investment analysis, business consulting, change management, project management, and project finance and performance management services, including services related to complex custody transfer, funding approvals, real property master plans and procurement options analysis.

We have a long history of supporting LAC with their real property initiatives. Gatineau 2 is an exciting endeavour and will incorporate a state-of-the-art automated robotic storage and retrieval system. It was rewarding to support LAC in obtaining approvals for this project, and equally rewarding working with LAC to develop their overall Real Property Master Plan. The Master Plan is the culmination of a multi-year collaboration with LAC and provides a long-term real property strategy for the organization to accommodate its holdings and likely growth in its Collections to 2050.

Vice President, Real Property Advisory Services